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After more than six years ...

We're taking a break

PHILADELPHIA (September 18, 2006) -- After six years of hosting meetings throughout the city, Awake In Philly is taking a hiatus for the year.

Although Awake In Philly will be taking a break in the real world, we will continue adding content to our site, as well as replying to questions and concerns via email We are not shutting down operations, only taking a break from running monthly meetings.

Helping other organizations

This "down time" will also give us some time to complete the final aspects of several projects we're working on with Awake In America, as well.

So, while this time is primarily intended to give us a breather and allow us to recharge, coming back with new ideas and approaches, we will also be busy working on a lot of other projects in the background, many of which will benefit individuals with sleep disorders, as well as concerns about quality sleep.

Control III solution and Home Care Kits

For those individuals who regularly purchase Control III solution and Home Care Kits to disinfect and clean equipment and masks through the Awake In Philly site, feel free to continue to do so, as our email and the orders are checked daily.

Mailing list

To be certain you receive announcements about all future meetings, as well as several special events planned throughout the region over the next several months, sign up for our eMailing Lists.

Upcoming local events

Until we resume meetings, all event announcements will be sent via email and sent only to those individuals who have a completed profile in our system.

The emails, without exception, will be sent based on proximity to Zip codes where the planned events will be held. When you sign up, be sure you complete the profile, or at the very least, be certain to have your City, State, and Zip code in the profile. Entries without that information will be stored in our system for use when meetings and normal activities resume, but will not be used until that time.

Privacy policy and email

Our privacy policy has not changed, nor will it change during our hiatus. If you have questions or concerns about your email address or other information, be sure to read the privacy policy. If you still have questions, drop us an email using our contact form to ensure your message gets delivered to us and not weeded by SPAM filters.

Because of a large surge in the amount of SPAM received on a daily basis, enhanced SPAM filtering has been implemented on the Awake In Philly mailserver. Contacting us via the link below is the best method for contacting us.



Interesting Apnea Statistics

Interesting Apnea Statistics

~~ Apnea in United States ~~

As of October 18, 2009 at 8:55 a.m.(ET) (-0500), the U.S. population
was 307,725,269. Sleep researchers estimate approximately seven percent
of the population suffers from obstructive sleep apnea. Using that
estimate, there are potentially 21,443,850 apneics in the U.S.

~~ Apnea around the world ~~

As of October 18, 2009 at 8:55 a.m.(ET) (-0500), the world population
was 6,791,269,358. Sleep researchers estimate approximately seven percent
of the population suffers from obstructive sleep apnea. Using that
estimate, there are potentially 475,388,855 apneics in the world.

   Awake In Philly is a community education group for individuals who have been diagnosed with at least one of the recognized sleep disorders, as well as anyone else impacted by those with sleep disorders. The information contained in this site is intended to provide support, guidance, and encouragement to others contending with the many challenges of sleep disorders. The goals of Awake In Philly are to support, educate, and inform those who feel the impact of sleep disorders, as well as the general public, and is not intended to replace medical advice, nor is any information to be misinterpreted as an attempt to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

   If you have questions about any of the medical conditions mentioned on this website, especially if you suspect that you (or someone you know) has sleep apnea, please contact a qualified medical professional immediately. Medical advice should only come from qualified, licensed, and trained healthcare professionals.

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